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The web based software solution „Projects Network Knowledge“, or P°NK, exists since 2009. We developed it in order to improve the management of funding processes and complex R&D projects. By using this platform, you can safely manage and process location-independent funding processes and projects. From the idea to the final report – by a single system. P°NK connects content R&D project management, business controlling and strategical portfolio management.

It supports cross-site communication between project partners and facilitates cross-organizational teamwork. It establishes the „best-practice“-standard process for processes funded by third parties and ensures the adherence to funding rules and regulations. We provide your organisation with an instrument, which significantly improves the economic viability of (funded) projects.

P°NK accelerates and facilitates

Performance gain up to 80 percent

P°NK reduces the expenditures for certain routine work in the funding sector with up to 80%. As a result, your (administrative) project team experiences a noticeable relief, can concentrate on the really important activities and on tasks with business value. The initiation of P°NK helps organisations review their processes and optimally prepare for the increased requirements of the funding body. Software increases process transparency and reduces routine activities. This leads to increased potential and gives the organisation more time for research.

Reduction routine expenses


Increase of cooperation possibilities


Reduction of administrative expenses




How does the process look like?

P°NK offers your tools for every step of the funding process.

This approach ensures that all projects, both third-party funded projects and internally funded projects, are prepared, implemented and completed. In the process steps you can define individual milestones, which reflect important choices in your company.

How can you use
P°NK faster?

With the help of the consulting and support which Meditcon GmbH provides, you will be able to work with P°NK within the shortest time. We put a particular emphasis on the training and involvement of all users. Therefore, P°NK will be integrated in your processes as seamlessly as possible. Each P°NK initiation can be divided into seven steps, through which we achieve your goals:

During the Pre-check phase we generally check if P°NK can be implemented in accordance with your requirements. In an exploratory discussion we collect all framework conditions and synchronise them with the possibilities of the system and its possible options for adaptation.
  • Customer‘s requirements (time, budget, scope)
  • P°NK options
  • Feasibility

In the actual state analysis phase all requirements are collected. Here we focus on topics such as funding types, processes, structure of the organisation, stakeholders, rights and roles, data security, decision-making structures, company policies, technological framework conditions and the connection to third-party systems (financial accounting, time tracking). Our goal is not to change the previous processes, so that we can have a well-founded initial situation for the ideal state conception. The data collected in the actual state analysis is evaluated, structured and documented.
  • Current structures
  • Current processes
  • Current tools

In the ideal state conception phase the collected requirements are checked for accuracy and consistency. The goal is to make improvements to the processes, structures or policies, and use them in the P°NK system. The result of the ideal state conception is a complete documentation of the future condition and approach, a list of recommendations for action and the implementation in the P°NK system.
  • Optimization of structures, processes & tools
  • Transfer of structures, processes, & tools in P°NK
  • Adaptation of P°NK to the requirements

In the synthesis phase all requirements and future concepts are compiled in written form. The results are announced to the customers in a final presentation.
  • Written documentation of the results
  • Presentation & discussion
  • Optional offer for further programming

In this process step the results of the requirement specifications from the synthesis phase are implemented. We adapt the software to your requirements and provide you with a test environment where you can evaluate it. After your approval the system goes live.
  • Adaptation of the P°NK framework to the synthesis results
  • Test environment
  • Live system

In the launch phase, depending on the size of the organisation, your employees will receive a training encompassing up to three stages. They will also be introduced to the new processes and to P°NK. This is an interactive process, which strives to actively involve all participants in the implementation process. We put a particular emphasis on this phase, because it is one of the keys for successful project implementation. The many years of experience with software implementation turn Meditcon into a valuable partner.
  • Launch date of the product
  • Training of the user groups
  • Intensive support

Meditcon also offers you support after the initiation of the product. In addition to the technological support we also offer support for all questions about product usage. Apart from the standard support we offer you support for all questions on the topics of subsidies and project management. Additional services like the complete outsourcing of project management tasks add to our portfolio and turn Meditcon into a strong and reliable partner in the field of subsidies and projects that you want to have on your side.
  • Support for technological questions
  • Optional support for content-related questions
  • Optional trainings
  • Out-tasking & outsourcing of tasks or processes

P°NK doesn’t always need to be adapted to the system. Depending on the requirement the phases can be sumarised and considerably shortened. This results in lower initiation costs and faster results.